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2008-05-11 Talk

Mattis, impressed by the SeesmicWiki?. Could you join us on our next BarCamp:VideoCampParis?2 to explain the future of DiscussionMode? in the WikiNet ? – ChristopheDucamp?

I certainly will join VideoCampParis?2, remotely though. Thanks for the invitation xtof. You’re right about that the new mode gives us quite a chance to discuss in a new way and that there’s something to develop, probably even a culture, which is worth the effort of making a wiki or two. ;)
The chain-video-wiki is good for experimenting and trying out, the basic idea behind it though is different from that of a discussion. Video-discussion is about what people say in a video and about encircling a topic of common interest. Chain-video is about what a video as a chain segment says and about commonly telling a story by combing and recombining segments. Take a look at http://kettenvideo.de where the idea for the chain-video-wiki is directly stolen from. I like this idea.
We should start a new wiki for video-dicussion. I’d not like to call it Seesmic-wiki, legal reasons. It is a mistake to reduce it to a brand name when something bigger is meant, BigBucketsFirst?. I made that mistake before with the sl-camp-wiki which rather should be the virtual-reality-camp-wiki.
Isn’t video-discussion-wiki quite a nice name? A Fench discussion-vidéo-wiki and a German Video-Diskussions-wiki started simultaneously? We could easily build these, it wouldn’t take more than a few days to get them ready for service.
The name leaves uncertain if it’s about discussing whatever by using video (which it is) or if it’s about dicussing videos (which it is not or not only). More ideas?

Another important point is the hive the new wiki sits in, its “physical neigborhood” so to say. Chain-video is collective art and sits in the eArt-wiki-hive. Video-discussion better suits the obm- or the kabo-wiki-hive.

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