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who help

The day-page-set for the list of people who help to improve the eArt-list-wiki?
Read without preceding explanations.

To edit first copy the youngest day-page “who help” attached below into today’s day-page “who help”. Then edit the day-page "who help" for today.
Alternatively click a day in the “who help”-calendar or click the green title of a day-page “who help” attached below to open a day-page. If it isn’t already in edit mode click “ edit this page” to the upper right. What is a day-page?

For now please manually synchronize who’s currently listed on this page and who’s currently listed in our wiki-net.

The “who help”-calendar
The page who help / wider calendar permits a wider view. The entire calendar gives access to all day-pages.

The day-page-set “who help” provides a rss-feed that adds new entries on top: the the rss-feed for the list of people who help to improve the eArt-list-wiki "who help"-feed. It gets included into the page all who help in the hive.

who help