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Summary: the logo of the eArt-list-wiki is now inlined into the changes-feed via yahoo pipes


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changes, explained The recent changes to the eArt-list-wiki with the wiki logo inlined
Read the page changes without explanations.

See also the main pages full changes full changes and recent changes recent changes, explained and recent changes with minor changes recent changes with minor changes, explained.

This page contains an inclusion of the recent changes to the eArt-list-wiki from the page yahoo - pipes eArt-list-wiki - changes. The yahoo pipe imports the recent-changes-feed recent-changes-feed provided by the [[oddmuse?]] wiki software the pussy-riot-wiki runs on.

The page recent changes displays the contents of the recent-changes-feed as part of the wiki software without aggregating it in yahoo pipes. It updates immediately. You do not need to force a refresh to make sure to also see brand-new changes and you have options.

The yahoo pipe adds the wiki logo and provides the changes-feed changes-feed. It is included into the page changes and below.

The changes-feed is more over included into the pages:

The changes to which wikis do we watch? Who is watching the changes to the eArt-list-wiki? See the wiki-net changes.

The 30 most recent changes are included. To see earlier changes click the page - eArt-list-wiki changes, scroll down and touch the bottom margin.

To update this page [[force_a_refresh?]] (firefox: control + shift + R), please.

Inclusion of the changes-feed changes-feed: returned no data, or LWP::UserAgent is not available.

This page includes the recent 30 changes to the eArt-list-wiki. To see earlier changes click the page - eArt-list-wiki changes, scroll down and touch the bottom margin.

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