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2007-06-18 Talk

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Hi Mattis, thanks for checking out the site, I’m sorry it didn’t work…did you try clicking on the Wiki Artist logo in the centre of the black box? Thank you for looking at the paintings though, I’m very glad you liked them. As I mentioned in my email to you the paintings are very symbolic and it is that flash site which documents the symbols that go into constructing the paintings. I see the flash site as a contrast to the wiki and the paradox within the work is played out as people visit either the Flash website or the scratchpad wiki. As I alluded to in my email, I would like to start linking my paintings to your wiki project.

I would do this by including a full web address to your site within my canvases and prints. Posting paintings as links to the wiki on my blog and website and trying to generate a community of owners by selling the paintings and prints I make. A community of owners that have an interest in what the link leads to could become; art critics, deletionists or simply observers as the democratic definition of the art work is played out over decades.

MattisManzel, 2007-06-21:
Hi Josh. I’m currently about to move the entire eArt-wiki-hive over to (unfortuneately we can’t mask the old url). We’ll talk on then. Have a nice day.