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About the eArt-wiki-hive

e like “electronic”.
But isn’t what you are just about to watch anyhow electronic? Electronified?
The eArt-wiki-hive has space for everything that is art or is about art in the wider sense.

The eArt-wiki-hive is the fifth wiki-hive in the wiki-net after the diki-wiki-hive, the kabo-wiki-hive, the obm-wiki-hive and the odd-wiki-hive.
SamRose? und MattisManzel? set it up in 2007-05.
We are friends, wiki-geeks, who know each other from the net and who like to work together on something that is for everybody.

The feature of wiki is that everybody may join in. [[Oddmuse?]] - the wiki software we are using - does not require a registration for that. The “wiki-way” shall also be applied to the creation of new wikis. No questions about the purpose of a new wiki, no waiting for a confirmation.


  1. go to eArt-wiki-hive: startup.
  2. fill in the NameOfTheWiki.
  3. click “Go!”
  4. edit the FrontPage of the new eArt-wiki once and save it.

That is a wiki-hive.

You find eArt-wikis on the eArt-list-wiki: hive-list.

The community-wiki is the idea-forge the eArt-wiki-hive emerged from.

eArt-wikis are and stay free of charge. You are authorized to download a wiki - eArt-wiki backup - or to migrate it to your own server - [[migration?]].
The eArt-hive creates costs to its operator - MattisManzel? - but that is not much money. Should eArt-wiki become noticeably more traffic-intensive and thus more cost-intensive we’d welcome volunteer support. But currently that is no topic.

We’re pleased about every new wiki. We like to help when there are questions or whishes and we’re interested in improvements and proposals on how to improve eArt-wiki.
The right place to talk about the eArt-wiki-hive in English is the page-set talk.

No, the eArt-wiki-hive is not alone in wikilandia. There are plenty of other wiki-hives. See the hive-wiki.

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