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force a refresh

Why and how to force a refresh on certain pages to make sure you get the latest data

For several pages in the eArt-wiki-hive you need to tell the wiki that you want a new copy of the page even though nothing changed on the wiki.

The pages you need to force a refresh on are

here's why:

  1. When no page was changed on the wiki, and you already have a copy of the page in your browser cache, the wiki will reply with a 304 NOT MODIFIED response, instructing your browser to serve the copy from the browser cache.
  2. The pages listed above include changes from the various namespaces we have here (= other eArt-wikis) or from other wikis. If these change but the wiki you request them from was not changed, then the above response is wrong.
  3. Thus you need to tell your browser to not use the copy in the browser cache.

here's how:

In order to do this, you indicate to your browser that for this request only, you don’t want to use the copies in your browser cache. How to do this depends on your browser: