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front - face

front - face

The [[en-eArt-center-wiki?]] is a meeting point for all wikis and people in the [[eArt-wiki-hive?]] working together in English. See our wiki list for eArt-wikis with a home page in the en-eArt-center-wiki, please.

In a wiki you can edit every page, create new pages and immediately publish contents. All you need is to use a state-of-the-art browser. Just click “Pics:Pic.458.png edit this page” to the upper right of any page in this wiki. Write, save and it’s published in the world wide web! Try out wiki in the sand-box. You find short wiki-instuctions in it.

Please take a preparative look at the messages from eArt-wiki before writing. There’s information not to be missed on it.

You might also want to start a new eArt-wiki instantly.

We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in this wiki but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode. But wiki-node redas better.

The en-eArt-center-wiki runs on the free / open-source [[oddmuse?]] wiki software.



Click face to see the face without the front and to edit the day-page-set.

2014-03-10 Face

eArt-wiki-hive - en-eArt-center-wiki

face [[eArt-wiki-hive_-_en-eArt-center-wiki_-_face?]] face-feed [en]

adapted, two new wikis

The [[en-eArt-center-wiki?]] has been adapted to the latest wiki-net development = ~ stuff updates, no more duplicates in the soup.

We welcome two new wikis on our wiki list wiki list: The [[love-letter-wiki?]] and the [[pussy-riot-wiki?]].

2007-08-14 Face

eArt-wiki-hive - en-eArt-center-wiki

eArt-wiki-hive - en-eArt-center-wiki - face the rss-feed for the face of the en-eArt-center-wiki

The en-eArt-center-wiki is a center-wiki for all people and wikis in the eArt-wiki-hive working together in English.

We use the en-eArt-center-wiki to organize the English-speaking community, support the eArt-wikis on technical issues, run and keep up to date a wiki list, write how-to’s and - last but not least - to wiki-socialize.


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