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use a state-of-the-art browser

For better results here and everywhere use Firefox. Using the Internet Explorer eArt-wiki is no fun.


Several functions of [[eArt-wiki?]] are not available in the Internet Explorer (IE7 creates less trouble than IE6, but still …).

It’s understood that installing Firefox you can import your bookmarks and cookies from the Internet Explorer.

We develop eArt-wiki with passion.

The software-giant does a bunch of things differently than the global open-source community that we feel part of. Adapting eArt-wiki to the Internet Explorer is possible but quite work-intense. We’d be happy if someone had the passion to deal with that. We have more important things to do at the moment.
Or - as the Hungarians say it - “C’mon, take away your bicycle here!”

There are several alternative state-of-the-art browsers eArt-wiki is fun with.

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