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What is a day-page?

A day-page belongs to a day-page-set. It is a wiki-page for a certain day.

The title of a day-page consists of the date and the name of the day-page-set it belongs to. For example 2006-05-28_Talk.
A day-page can be edited just like every other wiki-page.

The central page in a day-page-set is called mother-page. This is the page that all day-pages of the set automatically get attached to. Thereby new day-pages are placed on top (similar to the structure of the page changes).
The CamelCase?-title of the mother-page consists of the name of the day-page-set and the attachment Pages.
For example TalkPages?.

The attachment Pages only appears in the CamelCase? title of the page. In the [CleanLinking? clean linked] spelling of the [EditableTitles? editable title] of the page it is left out as redundant.
TalkPages? becomes talk,
FacePages? becomes face, etc.

All day-page sets provide an own calendar and a rss-feed that new entries are added to on top (similar to the changes-feed). See also the page feeds complete.

There are several day-page sets available on this wiki

Our wiki-net is triggered by the contents of the pages

Keep our wiki-net and these pages manually synchronized for now, please.

You can create more day-page-sets like _Event, _Agenda, _SubProject? etc. Further calendars in the side-bar can be implemented easily. Please take a look at the page title conventions before doing so.

To modify a day-page go to the mother-page of a day-page set and follow the recommendations to edit day-pages.

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