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The soup of the harmonica-wiki is supposed to be included automatically into the google plus account. Such inclusion is not yet functional.
But - if logged into the google account for the harmonica-wiki - single soup posts can be triggered manually into google plus by “plusing” them on blogger - harmonica-wiki blogger - harmonica-wiki. It happens here and now.

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  • 13:51 UTC Hi g+ harmonica community,
    Hi g+ harmonica community,

    Mattis Manzel is my name. I've played the 'monica for many years and I'm just recently getting back into it.
    Some weeks ago I started the harmonica-wiki. It includes many harmonica sources. Unfortunately google plus communities - this one for example - can't be included anymore. The inclusion of g+ communities worked for a while in summer 2014. Several web-services provided rss feeds but then google changed something and … :( a pitty. Maybe some day it will work again.

    Bonne chanche to all of you in 2015, cu

    EArt Wiki Harmonica: Front Page
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