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  • 11:09 UTC I am being harassed by telemarketers

    For the past 2 months, I have gotten up to 25 telemarketer calls per day. It’s a different phone number every time so I’m unable to block the calls.

    I get the first calls around 5am, waking me from my sleep, and then I receive them at least twice an hour. It is honestly disrupting my life.

    The first week, I would answer the phone and beg them to take me off their list. This didn’t work. For the last month, I just haven’t answered. I called my provider and downloaded Verizon’s call filter. I’ve also put myself on the DNC list. Nothing helps.

    I’m at my wits end and today I picked up for the first time in a long while. I immediately started to loudly play the harmonica. They hang up as soon as I do this. I’ve done this a couple times now, yet they still call.

    What else can I do? Should I change my phone number? I’m so sick of the never ending phone calls. It’s intruding upon my sleep. I feel harassed and I’m helpless to make it stop.

    Summary: I am being harassed by telemarketers and nothing I do can make it stop.

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  • 08:19 UTC Cowboy Bebop Harmonica cover


  • 22:20 UTC Ronnie Shellist Greg Izor Tx Harmonica Festival clip 2
  • 22:08 UTC Andy J Forest and Monkeyjunk; Harris' Harmonica Humdinger
  • 20:14 UTC I just ran! Half a mile!

    The last time I ran I had I go to an urgent Care clinic, but I finally can breathe and can run! Oh my goodness, I don't know if I can properly express the utter relief and joy and gratitude I feel right now.

    I was having trouble breathing for over half a year, and was seeing a doctor who treated it so nonchalantly. I was waking up blue and sounded like a harmonica and had trouble walking across a small college campus or upstairs and it came on SUDDENLY. I finally switched my primary care doctor (and boy howdy was that a struggle) and she treated the breathing problems aggressively with a round of meds.

    Last week breathing finally stopped feeling like drowning!

    I've still been scared shitless to go workout alone, but I walked 2 miles on the 3rd of July without any extra noise and just ran 0.65 miles JUST NOW!

    I used to run regularly and hated it - I never thought I'd be so ecstatic to run, or so proud of running such a short distance! Before I started having trouble I was hiking pretty good distances and training for a 14er. I kind of lost my faith in my own strength and had to rebuild a lot of my self esteem after my physical capabilities tanked. It was such a huge mindfuck.

    I feel like I can hope and set goals again - I am usually ceaseless motion and I've felt so, so dead. I'm incredibly grateful to my new doc, and grateful that I was able to access a good doc.

    I just! Am! So! Amped! I can breathe!!!

    Edit: thank you guys for the support! Follow up questions for y'all:

    What's something you've overcome that felt impossible (big or small)?

    Have you ever had a full change of mentality toward something? What was it, and why the change?

    Do you need support with anything right now, or encouragement to address something in your life?

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  • 18:45 UTC The beginning of the song "Piano Man" starts with a harmonica solo...
  • 17:09 UTC I got a harmonica

    Its pretty dope fam

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  • 11:09 UTC So, was having one of those days...

    ... where the world is closing in. The news is shit, the corruption, the unfairness and cruelty were all weighing heavy on my somewhat gentle soul.
    Took myself off to the beach with my lovely lady, managed to body-surf a couple all the way in. Fed the animals, quenched the thirst, made some good dhal, and now the world is a brighter place. Will now smoke a home-grown fattie and listen to some beautiful sounds. If I get really ripped, I will play some shit blues on the harmonica, but my world will have been saved for another day.
    Moral of the story - can't let the bastards grind you down, there is only now, and it is up to me to change my world-view into something better than that which they want me to see.

    Sending out harmonious vibes to those that may find themselves in a similar mindset.

    Love is the universal currency - I love you all.

    submitted by /u/jamjarchris to r/ActualHippies
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  • 08:53 UTC Starting out

    I want to listen to good songs that have harmonica. I'm not from a place where jazz and blues are common, they are rather rare so I don't have any clue about that culture. Suggestions?

    submitted by /u/bring_rice to r/harmonica
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  • 08:21 UTC Tips for putting it all back together

    So I’ve taken my harps apart,to clean them of all their accumulated crap, a few times now. Usually I get them right back together and they play fine. A couple of times they seemed to leak air. I took apart, reassembled and things seemed okay. This last time though, two of them are wheezing. I plan to disassemble and reassemble again to fix the problem but feel like it’s just pressing reset and I’m not actually learning how to screw them back up right the first time. Are there tricks to making sure I get them sealed well? Any product that people use on this product? Just want to learn how to make these babies really sound nice as I’m actually getting good enough to care.

    submitted by /u/BBleadbelly to r/harmonica
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  • 07:51 UTC Hey harp enthusiasts! Just started spitting out some of my original content and thought y'all would like it. I'm heavily inspired by Bob Dylan and Satan and Adam :)
  • 06:18 UTC The Enormous Room - Chapter 10, Part 2/2 - Discussion Post

    Podcast for this chapter:

    Discussion prompts:

    1. What did that last bit mean? About where he was from, and the harmonicas?
    2. Is cummings a dick?

    Final line of today's chapter:

    "O you who put the jerk into joys, come up hither. There's a man up here called Christ who likes the violin."

    Tomorrow we will be reading: Chapter 11 Part 1/2

    submitted by /u/AnderLouis_ to r/thehemingwaylist
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  • 05:22 UTC Adam Husa, Agustin Basulto - 8 Years Sound Avenue [Sound Avenue]

    Matias Vila - Ahora (Eran Aviner & Hermanez Remix)

    Madloch - Lion's Mane (Navar Remix)

    Paula OS - Pearl (Original Mix)

    Dio S - Athanasia (Original Mix)

    Madloch - Shadow People (Charles Webster Remix)

    Lucefora - Harmonica (Original Mix)

    Nicolas Rada - Schiphol (Hot TuneiK Remix)

    Agustin Basulto - Tercer Desliz (Adam Husa Remix)

    Antti Rasi - Liitäjä (Speaking in Tongues Remix)

    George X - Nahuati (Original Mix)

    Zone+ - Anbara (Original Mix)

    Paul Deep (AR) - Shakti (Matias Chilano Remix)

    Madloch - Sagacity (Anton Dhouran Remix)

    Nico Bruno - Prisma (Original Mix)

    Feri - Endeffekt (Original Mix)

    Lucefora - Yage (Original Mix)

    Rafa'EL - Ride the Wind (Original Mix)

    Tomin Tomovic - Flow (Piano Version)

    Fermata Duomo - WhiteOnBlue (Original Mix)

    Agustin Basulto - Calma (Original Mix)


    submitted by /u/ratm2946 to r/progonlyservice
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  • 05:05 UTC Music Ear Training - Ear Cat - ($4.99 - Free) [Android Games]
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    submitted by /u/stroke_bot to r/nullthworldproblems
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  • 00:00 UTC Anyone driving from London to Bristol this weekend?

    Hey there! My name is Charlie, I'm a 27 year old harmonica-player from Surrey and a gardener and background film extra by trade.

    So now you know a bit about me, I'm looking to come into Bristol this weekend for the Harbourfest, to see a few old friends, and many other socio-intraspective reasons including (but not limited by) persuing a likely unrequited love with the city. So would anyone happen to have a free passenger seat from London to Bristol this weekend that I could hitch a ride with?

    I was looking into taking a megabus into the city but it seems every time i load up that site, the price jacks up a bit more to just take it out of my reach. I do get paid on Friday, but that makes it a bit too close to the wire to get the tickets in. I'd be ever so greatful, and happy to buy a round in the other end. Promise you I keep myself clean and fresh smelling (lord knows I've got enough anxiety in me for that) and I like to chat about music, stuff I hear on podcasts, books, life experiences, and discuss opinions, etc.

    Also, if you know anyone with a spare sofa that I could crash on the nights, I'd be happy to do some weeding or cleaning around the house in good thanks!

    PM me if you (or someone you know) can help, I've got a CouchSurfing page too for references sake. Thanks for any help. Much love to y'all!

    submitted by /u/Barziboy to r/london
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