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  • 19:16 UTC Does anyone know of a tutorial for imitating a harmonica?

    I heard Adam Rupp do it in Home Free’s cover of Man of Constant Sorrow and I want to learn it but can’t find any resources

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  • 14:08 UTC Moving on to intermediate/advanced- need some advice

    After a couple of lessons with Christelle Berthon, after a bit of practice I've found that my playing style is starting to change. I'm playing more now with a pucker (starting originally with a pucker, switching to a tongue block, and now back again) and discovering the Special 20's I've been playing for years don't really have an adequate seal- they are, for the most part very "breathy" which makes it more difficult to hit a note properly.

    I purchased one Harmo Polar harp just for the hell of it, and while I find it nicely tuned/weighted and easy to hit a bend/overblow it is tearing up my lips.

    I need a little extra help- I have no idea how to gap a diatonic, I have a ton of Special 20's, and a few cheapie harps (like Big Rivers) which I can fool around with. Are there any specific tools, I need, repair kits, etc?

    Also, I think I should invest in one decent, more expensive diatonic in C. Any suggestions? The wood comb harps like the Marine Bands tend to rip up my lips/mouth, that's why I tend to stick with the Special 20's. How are the Sydels? Which model should I get?

    I will post some examples of my playing in the near future.

    submitted by /u/Waggmans to r/harmonica
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  • 13:32 UTC Looking for beginner accordion

    Hey guys! I’ve been lurking on this sub for a few days now and going through some past posts and generally learning a bit more about accordions in general. One thing I’m a little surprised about is a general lack of “what should I buy” posts that seem to be a dime a dozen on other subs. I also did not see a “suggestions for beginners” or similar in the sidebar, although I did check out the FAQ.

    I’ve been debating on learning an instrument for a good long while now and the accordion has been at the forefront of my desired instruments list. I was not aware of the price ranges on them, but it makes sense and is not too big a hindrance as long as I save for a bit. However, I am finding it hard to determine what I should be looking for. From what I’ve seen in past posts, here is some info about me to help with any suggestions. I have almost zero serious musical experience. I played saxophone in school but was never super serious with it. I played around with guitar, harmonica, and Irish penny whistles for a bit and am at least familiar with reading music, although I’d have to relearn it due to time since I last did anything like this. For what I would be looking to learn to play, probably mostly covers of pop/rock songs and video game themes. I’d throw in the occasional polka, cause it’s an accordion, lol.

    With that said I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/advice you guys can give. I found this Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion - White - Key G/C/F and this Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion - Black on Amazon. I like the looks of these two and they are affordable, but I’m not sure if that means they’re lower quality. Can anyone point me to non-Amazon stores for new accordions?

    As an extra note, I’d rather not buy used/second-hand.

    submitted by /u/MrNemo636 to r/Accordion
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  • 11:59 UTC Just been given my first harmonica!

    So, as title, I thought the ripe age of 24 was the right time to learn harmonica, and told my grandparents of this, my grandad has since given me his old one(I presume, though it does look new, so could be a cheapo off ebay). I'm told it is in key of C.

    However, I have no idea where to start learning, I've taken to YouTube but there's so many videos that say they are the best place to start I don't know which one to follow? Has anyone found one that helped them? Also, this particular harmonica has 2 rows of holes which I have never seen before, does each individual hole play a different note or is it every column?

    And lastly, I wanted to learn because I really love the country music/blues style of harmonica playing, almost like the honky tonk style, is this a good one to start with or should I get a different tone or different model for this style?

    Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing your replies!

    submitted by /u/Jayboden to r/harmonica
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  • 10:44 UTC My attempt at Harmonicas outfit from Once Upon a Time in the West
  • 10:39 UTC Buying my first harmonica


    I'm trying to get into harmonicas and have been on the look for one to learn. However I'm confused by some things so I was wondering if you could help me on my purchase? It's in french so use google translate if you don't understand something please.

    Is this a standard key of C harmonica? I want one of those because it seems to be the most commonly used, but I'm confused because on the amazon page of it I have different versions (Do, La, Sol...)

    Is this the right harmonica? Should I buy it in Do?

    submitted by /u/IsPepsiOkaySir to r/harmonica
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  • 09:11 UTC My cat seems to enjoy the resonance of a C harmonica

    He comes running and making the noise he makes when he wants scritches. If I get close he will rub his face on the harmonica. If I stop playing and lower the harp to him he scratches his face on it.

    Anyone else experience this? We have 2 cats and only 1 of them (my cat) seems to care.

    submitted by /u/MyAnon180 to r/harmonica
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  • 02:16 UTC Easy - Blues Harmonica (Big Walter Horton)
  • 00:23 UTC Easy - Blues Harmonica (Big Walter Horton)





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