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2014-12-24 Talk

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Mattis Manzel:
Just a Merry Christmas to the harmonica players worldwide.

2014-12-15 Talk

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turn weather into wiki pages

Mattis Manzel:
Ok, fun with feed inclusions. It helps to make a make a steady weather blow. Sometimes Irish, sometimes Caribean. ;)

We shouldn’t forget that the [[harmonica-wiki?]] is a wiki. That is anybody can change as much as possible, even of the entire structure, and anybody can create new pages - how to create a new page. It’s nice to read about something interesting in the current weather. But unless you create a wiki page about it, link to your inspiration on it, write about it a little, it’s soon gone into muddy waters.

I can help with the wiki, you teach me about that position stuff …

We should start an audio collection of catchy 20 second harmonica riffs in the wiki.

2014-12-09 Talk

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Mattis Manzel:
I’m just wondering who ever played Ritchie Wagner’s Liebestod on the harmonica? It’s the chromatic piece of music and an early scent of the 20th century (and jazz). Played on a diatonic harmonica, please. ;)

YouTube: Jessye Norman - Liebestod (Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner)

It seems like I started the [[harmonica-wiki?]].

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