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2014-12-26 WebSiteList

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web-site list [[eArt-wiki-hive_-_harmonica-wiki_-_web-site_list?]] web-site-list-feed [en]+[xx]-

Web-sites about the harmonica are included into their home pages in the [[harmonica-wiki?]]. The feeds for the web-sites are listed on the page
web-site feeds web-site feeds. → = is included into the page


  1. [[eArt-list-wiki_-_harmonica-wiki?]], the center-wiki for web-sites about the harmonica
    → harmonica-wiki - harmonica-wiki [en]+[xx]-

web-sites about the harmonica:

    facebook - page
    → Blues Harmonica, online lessons for beginning to professional players [en]
    facebook - page Blues Harmonica Player
    → Blues Harmonica Player, for people who absolutely love the Blues Harmonica [en]+[xx]-
    facebook - page Fórum Harmônicas Brazil
    → Fórum Harmônicas Brazil, an anual harmonica forum in Brazil [pt]
    facebook - page
    google - plus JP Allen
    twitter -
    → Harmonica Community, JP Allen’s Harmonica Community[en]
    facebook - page Harmonica Essentials
    → Harmonica Essentials, mastering the humble harp [en]
    facebook - group Harmonica Master Workshops 2012
    → Harmonica-Masters, the Harmonica Master Workshops in Trossingen, Germany [en]+[xx]-
    → Jazz Harmonica, inspiration for improvising harmonica players [en]
    facebook - group National Harmonica League
    twitter - National Harmonica League
    → National Harmonica League, Britain’s only national harmonica club [en]
    → World of Harmonica, a compendium featuring players, album features/reviews, gear, links, festivals, workshops … [en]

groups harmonica groups harmonica

  1. diigo - group harmonica
    → diigo group harmonica, the group about the harmonica on diigo [en]+[xx]-
  2. facebook groups harmonica
    1. facebook - group Bluegrass, Country and Old-Time Harmonica
      → facebook group Bluegrass, Country and Old-Time Harmonica, the harmonica in old-time styles [en]
    2. facebook - group Harmonica Techniques, Custom Harps and Harp Gear
      → facebook group Harmonica Techniques, Custom Harps and Harp Gear, show us you Harps, Harp Gear and yer Harmonica Skillz!!! [en]+[xx]-
    3. facebook - group Harmonica Workshop
      → facebook group Harmonica Workshop, harmonica “special interests” [en]
  3. friendfeed - group Harmonica
    → friendfeed group harmonica, the group about the harmonica on friendfeed [en]+[xx]-
  4. google plus communities harmonica
    1. google - plus community Chromatic Harmonica, All Chromatic, All the Time [en]
    2. google - plus community Harmonica, or all those that play or have an interest in the harmonica [en]
    3. google - plus community Harmonica Blues Harp, the diatonic harmonica - the “Blues Harp” [en]

more facebook groups, no feed inclusion:

    1. facebook - group Chromatic Harmonica Player, for players of the extraordinary chromatic harmonica [en]+[xx]-
    2. facebook - group Female Harmonica Players, a community for female harmonica players [en]
    3. facebook - group Friendship Harmonica Contest, a harmonica contest among friends [fr]+[xx]-
    4. facebook - group Gospel Harmonica Community, the gospel harmonica community [en]
    5. facebook - group Harmonica, the harmonica unspecified (many Indian players) [en]
    6. facebook - group HARMONICA, the harmonica unspecified (many Vietnamese players)
    7. facebook - group Harmonica Addiction, harp addiction is a threefold disorder [en]
    8. facebook - group Harmonica Appreciation Society, for harmonica lovers everywhere! [en]
    9. facebook - group Harmonica Collectors club, people who collect, or are interested in harmonicas, mics and amps [en]
    10. facebook - group HARMONICA CLUB, CLUBE DA GAITA, To gather up, cheers mates .. harp on ! [pt]+[xx]-
    11. facebook - group HARMONICA DEEWANE INDORE..., the Harmonica Club of Indore in India [en]+[xx]-
    12. facebook - group Harmonica Diwane, a family of truly deeply madly crazy-for-harmonica people [en]
    13. facebook - group Harmonica Effects, the love of effects applied to the sound of the harmonica [en]
    14. facebook - group Harmonica Events, harmonica events all around the world [en]
    15. facebook - group Harmonica Gear, buy, sell, swap harmonica gear [en]
    16. facebook - group Harmonica Jam, harmonica/band jam: tips, tricks, techniques, modes, positions [en]
    17. facebook - group Harmonica India, welcome aboard!… and harp in… [en]+[xx]-
    18. facebook - group Harmonica Players from HELL, to honor all harmonica players who play like HELL [en]
    19. facebook - group Harmonica Review, a place to give reviews on harmonica gear [en]
    20. facebook - group Harmonica Scotland, keeping the harmonica alive in Scotland [en]
    21. facebook - group Harmonica Studies India, harmonica players in India take the harmonica to the next level [en]
    22. facebook - group Modern Blues Harmonica, Happy Modern Harping! [en]
    23. facebook - group SLIDE. Chromatic Harmonica Resource, a whole world of possibilities [en]
    24. facebook - group The Overblow and overdraw Harmonica Community forum, discuss overblows and overdraws on the diatonic harmonica [en]

closed facebook groups, no feed inclusion:

  1. facebook - group Australian Harmonica Player Network, help raise the profile of the instrument in Australia [en]
  2. facebook - group Harmonica Blues, for all friends of the harmonica [en]+[xx]-

pages harmonica pages harmonica

  1. facebook pages harmonica
    1. facebook - page Blues Harp
      → facebook page Blues Harp, the blues harp [it]+[xx]-
  2. google plus pages harmonica

news harmonica news harmonica, merges pages by the press and news search queries:

  1. google - news harmonica [xx]
  2. yahoo - news harmonica [xx]

wiki support:

  1. facebook - group harmonica-wiki, the facebook group to discuss and help use the harmonica-wiki
    → facebook group harmonica-wiki [en]+[xx]-
about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Added the pages Blues Harmonica and Fórum Harmônicas Brazil and Jazz Harmonica.


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