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World of Harmonica

A compendium featuring over 2000 players, album features/reviews, gear, links, festivals, workshops and more

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  • 04:08 UTC Shtreiml - Eastern Hora
    Shtreiml - Eastern Hora

    Shtreiml - Eastern Hora... A New Arrival released last year in 2014... A Fine example of an Incredible harmonica player... Out Of This World 10/10

    Jason Rosenblatt has a Brand New Album out called 'Wiseman's Rag' due to be featured here shortly. However this album sent by Jason has really caused much excitement... Released last year in 2014... Amazing ! Not just some of the most incredible harmonica playing ever witnessed it's also one of The Most Amazing Albums Ever heard here at WOH.

    Jason plays the most incredible harmonica sounding like an accordion, violin, and even a Trumpet at times. Whilst others spend years trying to perfect the 3 hole draw Jason takes this instrument to new levels of excitement not heard or moved so much since Jason Ricci's Rocket No 9 release.

    This album is UNIQUE ! An astonishing instrumental of Eastern Vibes and Sounds. Described by some as Turkish Blues.

    Every number on this release is a Gem !

    Beautiful Musicianship from all players involved...

    Outstanding ! A True Classic ! 

    to be continued



  • 02:55 UTC Grant Dermody - Sun Might Shine On Me

    This Amazing Album arrived today. Those who are familiar with Grant Dermody playing with Eric Bibb really need to check out the full extent of His excellent solo work. This is without doubt one of the very best album's received here since WOH began... Everything about this album is just A1 sublime. The whole album, the musicianship, lyrics/songwriting is magic. What's more not just incredible harmonica playing one of the best in The World today, but Grant really can sing 10/10 to be continued
     — with Grant Dermody.

    • James Conway I’ve been really enjoying Grant Dermody’s new CD, “Sun Might Shine on Me”. This is an excellent addition to Grant’s previous CDs, “Crossing that River” and “Lay Down My Burden”: two great recordings that I cherish in my collection. This new recording i...See More
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    • World of Harmonica Bang on The Nail James!!! This is an incredible album played four times on the bounce on arrival... What's more there are many Great Harmonica Players out there Specialising in certain genre's. However Grant surpasses most but a handful for his incredible array of styles and techniques. This is seriously up there in terms of the Best All Round Harmonica Player in the World Today !!!
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    to be continued



  • 03:52 UTC Alan Glen - Zip Your Lip
    Alan Glen - Zip Your Lip

    Essential Listening this ranks as one of the Best All Round harmonica albums ever received here at WOH... Playing from yet another Superb British Diatonic Player, out of this World, Blues, Rock, Reggae a mix bag of great ! great! music ! Fabulous ! 10/10 !

    Another recent release by Alan Glen a selection of songs spanning some of his career. Got to see this sensational harmonica player tonight, one of Britain's Finest with Steve Morrison, Al Hughes, at The Sydenham Blues Club, The Grape and Vine. On this album you will find solo stuff of Alan's along with The Barcodes, Nine Below Zero, Dr Feelgood, Little Axe, The Yardbirds, Junior Delgado, Cotton, Incredible Blues Puppies, and Gordon Smith. To be continued


  • 08:33 UTC The Blues Rebels - Open Road
    New Release to be continued
    to be continued
  • 08:22 UTC Al Richardson
    You will be hard pushed finding a picture of Al Richardson on the net. Having seen Him play a number of times, finally got a picture of him this weekend playing with Dan Nash at The Music Mill. Fine! Fine! Harmonica Player one of a handful of the very Best Blues Harmonica Players in The UK.
    Dan Nash and Al Richardson at The Music Mill 22/03/15


  • 06:41 UTC Dennis Greaves & Mark Feltham - Duo
    Dennis Greaves & Mark Feltham - Duo
    Having listened to this album several times over the past few weeks can confirm this to be an excellent album. Very enjoyable. Excellent duo act, harmonica of the highest level. What more can you expect from Mark Feltham without doubt the Best All Round Diatonic player in Britain. World Class !!! 10/10 Listening Pleasure.
    to be continued
    Brand New Arrival today. Dennis Greaves & Mark Feltham from Nine Below Zero called 'DUO' very much looking forward to giving this a spin shortly. To Be Continued smile emoticon

    Mark Feltham & Dennis Greaves Duo Album Trailer

  • 06:35 UTC Bombskare - The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
    Bombskare - The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
    This is not a new release but a recent album given and is excellent !
    RECENT RELEASE BY BOMBSKARE: The Day The Earth Stood Stupid, harmonica by Andy Pennycuick. Wicked night tonight watching the best Ska Band ever witnessed Bombskare at The Fox and Firkin in Lewisham, London all the way from Scotland. You won't witness a finer Ska Band. 9 piece kicking stomping stonking band... Awesome! to be continued

  • 06:29 UTC East Side - Astoria

    Many Thank's to Clint Hoover for sending his latest new release. East Side - Astoria. This is an album for Jazz Lovers featuring the Chromatic Harmonica. To be continued


  • 04:05 UTC Martin Lang - Chicago Harp Blues Sessions
    Martin Lang - Chicago Harp Blues Sessions

    Before taking a short break this post was recently shared it's out today! And it's a Cracker! This Man knows how to play harmonica, in truth thought was listening to Bob Corritore so similar, in style, tone and approach, it was difficult to believe was listening to Martin Lang... Very Very Impressive playing indeed! World Class! Cheers more to follow soon.

    to be continued


    IGOR PRADO BAND AND DELTA GROOVE ALL STARS - WAY DOWN SOUTH... A couple of brand new releases from The Superb label Delta Groove Productions arrived this morning. All a guaranteed quality listen. Will be back soon, off to enjoy. Harmonica by Omar Coleman, Wallace Coleman, Mitch Kashmar, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, Randy Chortkoff, and Ivan Marcio. Also featuring Sugarray Rayford, Honey Piazza, Mud Morganfield, Lynwood Slim, Junior Watson and more!

    Still waiting for a picture of album to add here, however this is for starters, full feature and review to follow.

    to be continued