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how to create a new page

There are two methods to create a new page in the horn-wiki

1.) the best method

On an arbitrary page in the wiki click edit this page up to the right.

Find the address line in your browser. In it there’s written:;id=NameOfThePageYouClicked

Click into the address line, cancel everything behind id= and replace it with the CamelCase page name of the page you wish to create. It should look liḱe this:;id=NameOfTheNewPage

Press enter. The empty new page opens.

You can write on the page now. It’s recommended to fill in a worthwhile summary. Before saving check the box this is a minor edit, please. The new page isn’t listed on the page recent changes recent changes and in the connected web-services until saved as a major edit. It is listed on the page recent changes with minor changes recent changes with minor changes though.

Writing the NameOfTheNewPage anywhere in the horn-wiki creates a link to the new page. Example: this page, HowToCreateANewPage.

2.) the second-best method

On an arbitrary page in the wiki click edit this page up to the right.

On an arbitrary place on the page write:


Click preview. Your entry now appears with a blue question mark attached:


Click the blue question mark. The empty new page opens, you can write on it …

Why this method is second best: In case a page of the same name as the one you wish to create already exists in a wiki sitting in a wiki hive that is connected to the horn-wiki via its near map not a blue question mark appears but a link. The link takes you to this page with the same name in the nearby wiki. To force the creation of the new page in the horn-wiki you have to use the best method.

Please do not test the creation of new pages in the horn-wiki. Use the [[en-eArt-sand-wiki?]] instead. Thanks.

local names

Adding your new page to the local names is a second step. Find the right place in the list - alphabetic order - and add:

[ name of the new page]

Or complete the new local name and the page url on the page add a local name and click Go! Please correct the alphabetic order of the local names after doing so.

Adding the local name for a new page allows you to link to it by writing [[name of the new page]] anywhere in the horn-wiki. Example: this page, how to create a new page.

Define external redirect: en-eArt-sand-wiki NameOfTheNewPage

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