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The subreddit about the French horn on reddit

reddit - sub horn

See also the page reddit search French horn.

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  • 14:56 UTC Recreational horn players: what's your range like?

    I'm not asking high school all-county conference players, nor am I asking those who play professionally or are studying horn performance.

    I'm curious if there are others like me who only play the horn when they get a chance here and there and aren't necessarily challenging themselves every week. What is your range like? What are the high and low notes you can hit?

    Also, how is your endurance? Again, I'm not asking people who play every day, but those who pick up the horn every so often. How long can you play before your chops quit?

    submitted by Vote_Gravel
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  • 04:20 UTC Breathing exercises: Increasing lung capacity?

    Hey reddit! High school hornist here. So I've been playing the horn for a couple years now (currently using a Holton 181 with a E.schmid 10) and I was looking into increasing my lung capacity. I struggle quite abit with holding long notes or phrases in tune with a "core" sound as I always seem to run out of air prematurely. Was just wondering if I could get any tips on how to increase my lung capacity and any exercises that I could do. Thanks!

    submitted by HornyAlpacas
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  • 13:50 UTC Case Options for an Alexander 103

    would any of the fine hornists here have any ideas for a good hard case for a fixed bell 103 that doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the MB2 or Alexander's own hard case?

    submitted by JSaarinen
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  • 07:53 UTC About to cut my bell!

    I play a rose brass Conn 8D. I recently decided I need my bell cut because I am fortunate enough to be able to attend IHS in LA this year! I'm very excited, but to avoid having to check my horn for the plane flight, I decided the best thing to do was just have it cut.

    So the guy cutting it for me has several different ring sets. He mentioned the ring from a Yamaha 668N, and an Alexander set, and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the pros and cons of each. I wasn't planning on looking at different flares, so I was just wondering what I should take into consideration when deciding. I don't really know what the difference would be between these. Thank you!

    submitted by askprofscience
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  • 19:42 UTC I am going to learn french horn, any tips?

    Let me preface this by saying that I play alto sax and have been playing it for about 6 years. I can read music very well, and know the fundamentals of music greatly.

    I decided that I was going to learn french horn. Is this a pheasble goal? Can any of you gives give any tips or help for me? Feel free to ask any questions if you need to. Thanks

    submitted by JBairforce234
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  • 16:23 UTC Single vs. Double Horn

    I am a trumpet player and have been playing for about 11 or 12 years. I'm looking at playing horn for my university's 2nd band next semester so I'm starting to look at some cheap horns to get before summer hits. I've had all my brass classes so I understand the difference between the two types of horns, but now that I'm looking at starting to play, I need to know:

    For use as a 2nd instrument, is it really worth the extra money to get a double horn instead of a single horn.

    I've only ever played on a double horn while in technique classes so I don't have the frame of reference to compare the two.

    And if anybody has a horn lying around that they could part with for pretty cheap or knows anybody that does, I don't need anything fancy. Just needs to be playable, my chops will do the rest.

    submitted by tda86840
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