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2015-05-23 Talk

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Mattis Manzel:
It had been a while ago that I’ve been into music. Long story, I had been a bass player for half of my life, a silly neuro disease struck me back in ‘96 affecting my right. Shit happens in life, so what? I got into wiki ever since (thanks for the help to my hacker friends). On new years eve 2015 I found myself honking out against the raging fireworks on my chromatic harmonica on the Feuerbachbrücke, Berlin (check the [[harmonica-wiki?]]). Soon I flipped the harmonica over, slide button on the left now, ha! When studying double bass in the ‘80ies I already had had a French horn borrowed from the university for a year or so. Six weeks ago I bought a cheap French horn made in China. I love playing it! It had been a while ago that I’ve been into music.

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