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  • 14:31 UTC FluorescentLady

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    fluorescent lady fluorescent lady

    disseminated all over

    Mattis Manzel:
    Don’t you think, please, I weren’t deep in love with you anymore. I am, less physically maybe, less measurable in my limbics probably (if someone then measured around in them). My deep love for you disseminated all over my brain. It’s around, sometimes looking at me for a glimpse from behind a tree when I pass by.

    I should really court you, really. You deserve better than being sublimed into a piece of communication machinery. You should - most important - be written more love letters to. So I’ll try to do tit a little better than tat. Not promised.

    G’night me lil


  • 13:21 UTC Ritzele

    eArt-wiki-hive - love-letter-wiki - Ritzele

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    eArt-wiki-hive - love-letter-wiki - Ritzele Ritzele

    vielleicht einmal

    Mattis Manzel:
    Ich weiss nicht, ob und wann ich die Zeit finden werde, in die vielen Briefe zu tauchen, die ich dir damals geschrieben habe und Gutes davon hier zu veröffentlichen. Vielleicht ja einmal.

    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie Glück. Sei bitte meiner ganzen Zuneigung versichert.

This page includes the 15 most recent love letters published in the love-letter-wiki. To see earlier love letters click the page - all love letters, scroll down and touch the bottom margin.