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2012-09-05 Talk

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pussy riot is still in jail, that is no good

Mattis Manzel:
The media attention diminishes, Pussy Riot is still in jail. That is no good.

There are reports from facebook users active for pussy riot about their account being temporarily limited or blocked. So is the facebook user account for the pussy-riot-wiki. That is not good either.

We need new ways to go.

We need to come together, not physically - everyone stays at home in front of the computer. But in real time. Ideas sprout like mushrooms in real time, I promise …

Such a meeting, such a jam session is the ting pussy riot ting pussy riot. The sessions take place worldwide on the page MeetingWords - ting pussy riot MeetingWords - ting pussy riot. Next ting is on Sunday 2012-09-09, main ting time 19:00 til 21:00 UTC. Add/edit the topic proposals if you like.

There’s a facebook event page for the ting pussy riot 2012-09-09: