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front - face

The pussy-riot-wiki is for and about pussy riot and its friends and supporters.

All the world can edit the pussy-riot-wiki: Click edit this page up to the right or double click. Try it out in the sand-box, please. You find short wiki instructions in it.

The talk talk is good for first hellos, for questions, weird ideas, discussions, anything. Interesting contents can easily be moved to a specific wiki page by any person and at any time.

Find out about the structure of the pussy-riot-wiki on the page wiki-net grid. Elucidation about its wiki-net wiki-net comes with the page wiki-net, explained.

To create links we preferably use local names. Feel free to link as you please though. CamelCase page names are links: WikiNode for example. But wiki-node reads better.

The pussy-riot-wiki sits in the eArt-wiki-hive and runs on the free and open source oddmuse wiki software. Admitted, we also use not free software. The page about the pussy-riot-wiki tells how the pussy-riot-wiki came about.


2014-02-08 Face

eArt-wiki-hive - pussy-riot-wiki

face eArt-wiki-hive - pussy-riot-wiki - face face-feed [en]+[xx]-

it’s their wiki

Who or what ever pussy riot is, the pussy-riot-wiki is their wiki.

2013-12-24 Face

eArt-wiki-hive - pussy-riot-wiki

face eArt-wiki-hive - pussy-riot-wiki - face face-feed [en]+[xx]-

yeah yeah yeah

pussy riot yeah yeah yeah!!!


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