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Read the page talk, explained.

The talk in which wikis do we listen to? Who is listening to the talk in the Solitude-wiki? See the wiki-net talk wiki-net talk.

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2013-04-05 Talk

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no time

Mattis Manzel:
I refreshed some of the feeds in the Solitude-wiki. After 90 days of inactivity they need an edit to be active for another 90 days.

Lots of tech problems have been solved since the end of last year. Nice!

Unfortunately I have no time to work on contents in this wiki currently, sorry. I’ve been busy with the Piraten-wiki lately. The wiki-net is still largely to do. Thanks for your patience.

2012-12-29 Talk

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Mattis Manzel:
Things take time. Time to be seen, to be wondered about, to be understood and to finally settle in people’s minds. It’s something you can’t force.
No matter how good your art is, it takes its time to work.

2012-12-24 Talk

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in der Umlaufbahn der Einsamkeit

Mattis Manzel:
That’s how google translates in the orbit of the Solitude. Ok. The plain name of the castle is the term for the jam and the ideas and the art work. In a fluent communication you say I did that when at the Solitude. Too bright the castle shines at night to not call all things done there, many done after being there and probably even some done before being there in the orbit of the Solitude. Entstanden in Seiner kreativen Einsamkeits Dunstkreis. That’s what the Solitude-wiki is for.

2012-12-21 Talk

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It’s all just trying out

Mattis Manzel:
The playful approach, kinda. Let’s see.

2012-12-19 Talk

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Dies ischt das Solitude-wiki

Mattis Manzel:
Dies ist das Solitude-wiki. Ich hab mich dessen nach langer Weile mal wieder angenommen.

There’s been a lot of bricolage recently. Examples:

2009-02-26 Talk

Mattis Manzel:
I applied the unversal edit button in the Solitude-wiki. Having the firefox-plugin installed it also appears in the address of the browser.

2008-12-26 Talk

Mattis Manzel:
Jbj hat facebook - I like Solitude angelegt. Das könnt ich recht wahrscheinlich hier einhängen. Ist nämlich alles eine grosse Suppe. Mal sehen, ob die Zeit reicht.

2008-04-23 Talk

Damit ich nicht vergesse, ihnen zu erzählen …

Video geht hier: (das video wurde testweise deaktiviert, resources)

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2007-09-01 Talk

Kommt mir was zur Solitude unter, verlink’ ichs hier:

2007-08-14 Talk

Current problem: Some feeds do not reflect changes. Gotta tell SamRose?. That happens sometimes in the beginning with the wikis. Once it’s fixed it runs smoothly. The Technorati profile ain’t it yet either.


Mattis, which feeds are those, my friend? I’ll see if I can figure it out, or if it is just a data hiccough in MediaTemple?….

Sam, it’s the wiki-net feed. It’s stuck back in May, newer day-pages do no show up. The day-page in WhoHelp had edits recently but the feed do not reflect them. The event-feed is frozen too. Thanks, my friend. :)

2007-08-03 Talk

Idea: (former) residents with web-sites supplying a feed

I suppose many of the artists who do spend or have spent time on the Solitude run web-sites like blogs reporting about their current work. Almost all types of modern software like blogs put out a so called rss-feed. If you have the icon on your web-site it does so. The software used for the Solitude-wiki (Oddmuse) is capable of trancluding contents via rss-feed. This enables us to have the contents of an artist’s blog to be automatically synchronized with her / his name page on the Solitude-wiki. See for example my name page MattisManzel. I don’t have to care for it, it updates automatically when I update my personal wiki (in my case it’s a wiki, not a blog, but it works as well with many types of blogs). We could make a category (former) residents with web-sites supplying a feed and have all the name pages with trancluded contents of (former) residents listed in it and you could take a look at what all these artists are currently doing right here on the Solitude-wiki.
Think and [TalkPages? talk] about it, please. :)

2007-07-17 Talk

Eyebrows between front and face, icons for all feeds. A [WikiIdeaPages? wiki idea] and some neighboring wiki-net wiki ideas.
Are there still Esperanto-lessons on the Solitude?

New logo Pics:Pic.931.png

The old one sucked. Pics:PicsForWikis.11.jpeg

The Solitude-wiki in the wiki-index

2007-05-25 Talk

The old OddWiki:SolitudeWiki/FrontPage has been “decommissioned”.

The new Solitude-wiki has a first multilingual page. Please try out the filters on What is the Solitude?

Megakewl! There are Esperanto lessons on the Solitude! Check Esperanto auf Solitude.
The forth checkbox from the left above is eo = language code for Esperanto (the second multilingual page on the Solitude-wiki).

The url of the Solitude-wiki will soon simplify to

Give us some days to make it work. The domain was registered yesterday.

2007-05-23 Talk


Ha! With the help of RadomirDopieralski? I finally got the inclusion for the IdealUrbs-blog up and running. Ha!

The migration to the eArt-wiki-hive is coming up soon. See you on the new adress.

2007-05-20 Talk

Solitude-wiki => eArt-wiki-hive

The Solitude-wiki will be migrated to the eArt-wiki-hive soon. The new url will be

2007-02-04 Talk


jbj sent me a mail today after I had sent him one and he used the word Solitude-community in it. That’s cool. I like it.
No idea what it’s like now, the forest and the castle are the same, ok, but everything else? It’s thirteen years ago since I stayed there, I mean.

It’s pretty much dependent on the mix of souls currently present on the castle I suppose and in this sense jbj’s task is a pretty interesting one - getting and keeping this amoeba groove, keeping it from collapsing. Whatever.

Andrej mailed me today, he was on the Solitude when I was there. He lives in Stuttgart now. Hi Andrej. I hope for the Stuttgart-wiki to launch as well, I admit. Let’s see.

Thank you all! :)

2007-01-30 Talk

Hi. The oddwikis are improving and with it the Solitude-wiki. We run a centalized css now. The wiki scales nicely to different screen sizes (try ctr + “+” or “-” on firefox).

A Creative Commons License was set. If you want something to be copyrighted put “start copyright” - “end copyright” around the relevant text.

2006-10-25 Talk

A nice Solitude logo for the front / face would be cool. Like the horse on Stuttgart-wiki.

Any proposals?

write two lines

one line can not be saved

You can not save single-line contributions. This is an anti-spam measure, not a bug.

For example

 Hello Dolly.

can not be saved. Whereas



 hello <br/>

can be saved. Just always write two lines and everything works fine.

When making wiki-software work you have to find a balance between openness - Oddmuse is very open - and protection from spammers and vandals. We already have a pretty efficient anti-spam mechanism running in the background here. But spam still occasionally happens and is indeed very annoying. As the major part of attacks to wikis are one-liners we decided to rule them out by allowing multiple line contributions only. It’s more beautiful without spam. Write two liners, please.

(This text was moved into the [MessagesFromOddWiki? messages from oddwiki])

2006-10-09 Talk

Radically cleaned the interface and jammed all the gazilions of links together on special.

Better, innit?

2006-08-11 Talk

Mich laust der Affe! Die Stuttgarter Zeitung will was über wiki machen und setzt es nicht gleich wikipedia.

Vielleicht möchtet ihr ein Deutschsprachiges Solitude-wiki-de? Wäre binnen weniger Stunden machbar. Oder besser gleich Stuttgart-wiki?

2006-05-13 Talk

Thanks to sheep we have the edit talk / talk / talk-calendar all nicely grouped up in the upper right now. I placed back the talk-calendar. Upcoming events of this month get highlighted in the sidebar, that’s enough, I guess.

2006-05-12 Talk

I removed the calendars from the sidebar here. On teach-me-wiki: 2006-05-11 / talk they are still there. It is the second wiki with a second day-page set. It’s called teach-tings there.

2006-05-11 Talk

Die zwiefachen Tagesseiten - für Talk und Event. Voila.

Kleinigkeiten noch. Die Kalender brauchen verschiedene Hintergründe usw.

I think about reducing the GotoBar

  • home-page/blog
  • changes
  • near changes
  • talk
  • edit today’s talk

We go on with it on oddwiki-center: how to make your own bliki?

2006-05-10 Talk

We’re thinking about a second day-page system for the events. I made some preparations.

Möglicherweise wärs besser eine Farbe für angelegte Tagesseiten zu verwenden und kursiv oder fett für Veranstaltungs-Seiten, und nur einen Kalender hmm. ‘s wird kompliziert.

Es ist schon recht gut, aber im oberen Tagesseiten-Kalender sind Einträge für den Veranstaltungskalender mit markiert, das verwirrt. Wenn man nun reguläre Tagesseiten gar nicht verwendet und die einen Event und die anderen Talk nennt vielleicht?

2006-05-08 Talk

I blikified the Solitude-wiki. Das Bild oben ist von hier. Macht mal ein neues, ihr Künschtler. 740 x 192 pixel - logo contest

2005-03-28 Talk

Na bitte! Waldrestaurant Schillerhöhe gibt sich die Ehre. Dankeschön. Auch gut, dass das auf dem WikiNode landet. Ein Nachbar, der keinen wiki-Knoten haben kann, stimmt, eine static page. Eine Seite, auf der man sammelt, wo die Künschtler auf der ‘tüde ma’ ordentlich Spätzle fassen gehen können - futtern wie bei Muttern. Dorthin sind die links verschoben worden.

2005-03-26 Talk

Naturally, with something built for/by the community - all the information should be in the public domain. I think the copyright system is a mess right now, and all of the P2P software debates raieses the issue in the public discourse. I’m a fan of bringing more levels between public domain and all rights reserved. The current rules of copyright we never intended to deal with the digital media of today. An alternative approach is to limit copyright to only 14 years. This is how long patents are protected. 28 years might be better. In the USA, it appears that copyright will be renewed indefinitely. This seems like a poor path to go down.

I used the wiki to look up the number for Barrenschossle. They will be open on Easter. Hopefully, once some more entries are added, other people will start using it as well. --KristjanVarnik

Hopefully. They extended copyright to 70 years short ago as if not Disney would have lost Mickey Mouse. Grrr.

Any more geeks at the -tüde these days? Greet them from me. Ciao.

2005-03-24 Talk

Copyright seems to be mentioned frequently on this web site. Are you a fan of Lawrence Lessig? – KristjanVarnik

Hi Kristjan. I saw the greenish book-cover before somewhere, but no, don’t know Lessig. Are you on the -tüde? I think I haven’t dealt with the license yet. No Copyright, this lames everything. PPD primarily public domain is what I prefer - it’s capable to supra-conduction. But maybe any of the many licenses in between these two are more welcome. What do you think?

If you want others to see on the recent changes that you edited something here, do not cross this is a minor edit before saving.

2005-03-14 Talk

jbj war so nett, eine mail an alle rauszuschicken, auf dass ihr vom Solitude-wiki erführet. Klick doch bitte mal auf edit this page rechts. Hat jemand den URL des chatrooms für ehemalige Solitude-Stips? Einfach hier einkopieren, mit http:// davor, dann wirds automatisch ein link.


2005-03-11 Talk

I just had the idea and made it, kinda wiki. Hope you like and maybe even use it.

You can edit everthing everywhere anyhow.

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