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[de] Gespräch
Der Tagesseiten-Satz für das Gespräch im eArt-wiki-Nest
Lies die Seite Gespräch, erklärt.
[en] talk
The day-page-set for the talk in the eArt-wiki-hive
Read the page talk, explained.
[fr] bavardage
L’ensemble de pages-jour pour la bavardage dans la ruche-eArt-wiki
Lis la page bavardage, expliquée.

[de] bearbeite die Tagesseite Gespräch von heute bearbeite die Tagesseite Gespräch von heute
[en] edit the day-page talk for today edit the day-page talk for today
[fr] éditer la page-jour bavardage d'aujourd'hu éditer la page-jour bavardage d'aujourd'hui

2014-05-16 Talk


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still thinking

Mattis Manzel:
Meanwhile I was still thinking.

– Chuck Berry

2008-10-22 Talk

This is a test of the import of [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_local_names?]].

See the [[kabo-wiki-hive_-_local-names-sand-wiki_-_talk?]].

2008-03-24 Talk

Sam, on AllFeeds I can’t add the two final lines:

[en] What is a day-page?
[fr] Qu'est ce-q'une page jour?

When trying to save the complete page it says CGI Internal error: 413 Request entity too large.

2007-06-16 Talk

Ok, All requested moved wikis completed! http://eartwiki.org/hive?action=visitors on for all hives on gridserver (kabo, diki, and eArt) – SamRose?

Sam, thanks a lot. Just the three center wikis are still missing ;)

2007-06-03 Talk

The page recent visitors works now.

2007-05-14 Talk

Hi. Sam and I started the eArt-wiki-hive. After reading about the ISEA 2008 which has wiki as a topic I thought it would be a good idea to impress the jury with an ISEA-application-wiki, or even a wiki-hive? Sam said electronic art wiki-hive, eArt-wiki-hive thus. BigBucketsFirst?, true. ;)
So, if you want a wiki for or about soooooome electronic art just tell us in the talk. The page start a new wiki will be created soon - fill in the name of your new eArt-wiki, click Go!. …, soon.

Using timestamped daypages like in the diki-wiki-hive also here would be nice, but we are not quite ready for that. It can be changed later as it’s a wiki.

Define external redirect: kabo-wiki-hive - local-names-sand-wiki - talk BigBucketsFirst SamRose kabo-wiki-hive - local names