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  • 08:22 UTC ‘Clock Work Orange’ Twisted, Funny, Ingenious
    “If it can be written, it can be filmed.” –Stanley Kubrick Watching a Stanley Kubrick film is like going on a treasure hunt; you always find expensive pieces of gold that grow in value over time. T…
  • 07:54 UTC Tapestry
    While exploring figurative work is fun and refreshing, it is also very challenging as I continue to try and find my voice in this genre. Mostly, I draw and paint 'figures' not 'people', so I have been…
  • 04:05 UTC Ann Miller Legs it Up.
    Ann Miller was an American singer, dancer and actress who starred in more than 40 Hollywood films during her career. She was renowned for her slim figure and long dancer’s legs and for the speed of he…
  • 00:52 UTC coffeentrees: @pvintoniv and @meesterfusion tap dancing along...
    coffeentrees: @pvintoniv and @meesterfusion tap dancing along The Mexican Line Project. Photo: @andrew_burr by patagonia



  • 21:01 UTC Shows, Caves, and Show Caves
    I. Shows Gary was in charging of picking the entertainment in Branson. Besides the Dixie Stampede we saw two other shows: one Legends show with singing celebrity impersonators, and then a small, low-key family show, the Magnificent Seven. Legends Show I didn't expect to like this very much, but on t ...
  • 13:02 UTC The Dark Knight Fades (Retrospective)
    NOTE: The writing and publication of this piece were made possible in part by The MovieBob Patreon. THE DARK KNIGHT FADES: On the Striking Non-Impact of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-Masterpiece. By Bob Chipman What happens when the movie that’s supposed to change everything… doesn’t? Every filmmaker prob ...
  • 12:22 UTC D is for Doughnuts and Dancing
    The Letter D was delightful! All the activities mentioned in this post can be found at my Teacher Store here: . All except the doughnuts and the'll have to make up those yourselves. Day 1: D is for Doughnuts! Litt ...


  • 18:26 UTC Whine.. with no cheese and cracker, alert
    Putting behind a cut, because. So today I went to the Billing supervisor at work because on 10/1/15 we start the new ICD-10 code.( sparky955 will know about this) and she said, "oh, I had forgotten all about (telling) you." But the one that really frosts my pop-tart is what I found out in the last w ...








This page contains an inclusion of the 30 youngest posts with the term tap dancing in the text on blogs. To see older posts click the page [[soup.io_-_blogs_with_tap_dancing?]], scroll down and touch the bottom margin.

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