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A program for collaborative real-time text-editing on-line


You can edit a page with up to 14 participants simultaneously with almost full wiki features on the page level. Export of a page to a wiki is rudimentary but possible. See the ting-wiki.

the moonedit-page wiki-Woodstock is on s23.org It is included and can be read in a browser on s23-wiki: wiki-Woodstock.

MoonEdit - A short how to?


Download your version from http://moonedit.com/down.htm

There is no version for mac :(

Windows: Double-click the downloaded file

Linux: …

connecting to a server

Go to => File => Join. Type in Server address: s23.org, leave Server port: 32123 alone and leave empty Password:. Click Enter to connect to server. What you see is the file-list of s23.org

joining a page

Navigate with the arrow keys in moon-edit. Move your cursor down to the line wiki-Woodstock. Press ctr- Enter. Press Enter. You see the page wiki-woodstock. To leave the page and get back to the file list press F10.

recommendations for use

you can cut, copy and paste. Mark text with shift + arrow keys and ctr + x (cut), crt + c (copy) and crt + v (paste) as usual. See also the Edit menu for commands. There is only limited mouse-support.

exporting current page-version to a wiki-page

Click => scripts => enter command. Type svsavetxt (server save text). Reload your browser cache to see the change in your browser (shift + reload in Firefox).