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~ Three days of love and wiki ~

The geeks’ repetitive online-happening for everybody

Q(uestion): Yawn!

A(nswer): wiki-Woodstock. C’mon!

Q: What? Where?

A: Everywhere. It’s online (feel free to organize local parties though).

Q: What’s up on a wiki-Woodstock?

A: People collaborate. They co-edit documents simultaneously, they translate each others texts (moon-edit, wiki), they talk, conference-talk, listen to prepared lectures live-commenting them, they teach each other and they play live music together (skype), trying it out in all combinations, they paint together (generateur poietique, artpad), they commonly remove spam from other wikis (despamming-party), they code together and extreme program, sure, there is a stand-by tech-team to give technical help and it’s all voluntary and free and open and self-organized and non-hierarchic and what’s the result of the whole fun belongs to everybody. Something like that, know? “Free collective intelligence!”-stuff. What is a wiki-Woodstock? We just made it up and dunno ourselves.

Q: Hm, sounds cool. Can I edit pages on this site? I never used a wiki.

A: Sure. To make your first steps go to the [[en-eArt-sand-wiki?]]. When you have learned to walk (it’s easy and won’t even take you five minutes) return here and edit. Or watch the video: Wikis in plain English with subtitles for many languages.

other working-spaces for this project are

wiki-Woodstock emerged from community-wiki: inter-community-cooperation on 2005-05-15. It is multilingual.

The wikiWoodstock 0.1 took place 2005-06-10, Friday to 2005-06-12, Sunday. ;)

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